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are u a cop
why latin

who is this strange man and what did he do to be banned from schools. What did he do to the children

please let russell brand in

the only thing right in my life is that i dont have acne

guys a pretty chill dude tho he knows his memes

why he send me wink emoji

i want a pumpkin spice latte

lmao i thought she was a lesbian but she apparently got a kid god aint so real as i thought he was

omf the same teacher had some queer academic circle last year holy shit where am i

im not really into the celtic stuff but this awesome teacher is in the celtic club in college and the club literally has meetings at pubs sometimes and the teacher has a band and she sings some welsh folk songs and itd be cool to see something like that but at the same time its not my thing at all

Everyone is now banned from Tumblr




thank god